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Extreme Break up Adventure Race

March 23rd, 2024
Manhattan, KS 
Poyntz Shelter house (City Park)

Join us for the LONGEST running Adventure Race in the Midwest!

This year the Break Up will be held in the Little Apple! Manhattan, KS!

This race was not named after your relationship status, but appropriately named after the spring thaw in Alaska! This race brings everyone out after hibernation to hang out with friends (and Mother Nature)! Adventure Racing is known for being a team sport, so grab some friends and come join us. If you can't find some crazy friends, we allow solo racers, too!

The Break Up will have three courses to fit ALL skill levels:

There is a FUN course that is perfect for ALL AGES. This course is all on foot, and wheelchair/stroller accessible. It's a fun scavenger hunt around Manhattan, KS that should take less than 2 hours and includes fun prizes! This is a great course to try your hand at navigating, or teaching your kids to read a map!

Next is our 6 hour course. This course will have an "urban" feel this year and be based around the town of Manhattan, but will still have sections of an "outback" feel! You will need a bike (mountain bike preferably, BUT gravel/singlespeed/ebikes allowed)(ebikes have their own division). 

This course is perfect for first time racers and veteran racers! Mileage breakdown: 25+ on bike, 5-8 on foot. NO CANOE/KAYAK. There will be FUN challenges, as well! All checkpoints are optional, you race as much as you want to and then come to the finish line! Maps will be pre-plotted topographic maps. Scale 1:24k

Last, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, is our EXTREME Break Up. This is our 12 hour course that will challenge all endurance racers. (will have mostly experienced racers, but we have newbies every year that do just fine on the 12 hour courses!) Mountain bike required. (ebikes are allowed, they will have their own division) Mileage: 45+ bike, 10-13 running/walking/trekking, NO CANOE/KAYAK this year (we've been frostbitten one too many years now. It never fails...the lake is either still frozen, or it's dangerous to put boats on the to ensure that we have gorgeous weather this year, we've chosen to eliminate the canoe/kayak section) Maps will be a MIX of pre-plotted and points that need to be plotted on topographic, 1:24k scale. UTM plotting tool will be required. 

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